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AMANI Childbirth Education

I offer group class and private childbirth education classes.  A typical series lasts 10 weeks so the earlier in your pregnancy that you contact me the better.  I'm also able to offer tailored classes so if your in your last month of pregnancy don't let this stop you from considering childbirth education, we skip some of the modules and focus only on the one's needed most.  


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Periodically I will offer a FREE one hour introduction so you can decide if childbirth education is right for you!  The class is for mother's and their birth partner (husband, mother, sister, etc.).  Please bring whoever you want to attend your birth with you to the class if at all possible.




  • "Dayle, You are the most amazing childbirth expert in the world and were incredible help to me and my husband in labor. You helped me achieve my dream childbirth. You always knew..."
    Wiem Mahmoud
    Thank you!
  • "I never considered hiring a doula before meeting Dayle introduced via my midwife. She worked well with my husband and midwife during my hospital birth. She helped me through m..."
    Le Ann Jones
    Doula client